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Improve Your Email Deliverability and Optimize Your Email Marketing ROI


It is no secret that deliverability is the first, and arguably, most important performance metric for email programs. If a campaign doesn’t reach its intended recipients’ inboxes, the result is a missed opportunity that translates into revenue loss. Many marketers react to deliverability issues instead of proactively taking steps to avoid them. The most effective way to ensuring optimal deliverability rates is maintaining a clean database.

Email Data Hygiene Intelligence is a best-of-class data hygiene solution that enables marketers to verify subscribers’ email addresses. Ensuring the validity of their data prevents marketers from sending messages to spam trap email addresses, as well as non-existent or closed-down accounts, which significantly reduces the risk of serious deliverability issues including:

  • Spamhaus blacklisting
  • Major ISP blocking
  • Excessive bounce rates

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